Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Colan, Meteor Movie Adaptation, Marvel Comics Super Special #14, Page 27, 1979

I own 5 original pages pencilled by Gene Colan. I figure I’d start out with the two unlinked pages in my possession.

This page saw print in Marvel Comics Super Special #14. It was a full color magazine formatted floppy. Marvel had printed boatloads of black and white magazines in the 70’s, when they were trying to drown Warren Publications out of the newsstand. I assume, at this point, they had shifted their focus to Heavy Metal Magazine.
I won this page on Heritage Auction. Like most non-superhero, non-famous character pages, this one was dirt cheap (FYI). And it’s a nifty page; great compositions, dynamic camera angles with lots of variety, a multiplicity of well staged crown shots, consistent likeness across multiple panels of unrecognized (by me) actors, and to put the cherry on top, Colan’s deft pencil handling is on display. I especially enjoy the herringbone pattern on the start’s jacket.

I poked around, and downloaded (for free- thanks, https://www.zipcomic.com/marvel-comics-super-special-issue-14) the artwork to the magazine-as-printed. Marvel.fandom reports that the comic story was inked and colored by Tom Palmer.

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