Saturday, May 2, 2020

0scar Edward Cesare, "European PowersConvening", New York Times Magazine (?)

I won this piece in auction from Heritage on October 2, 2016. The auction notes credit this piece to Oscar Edward Cesare’. It is signed by him in the lower right. It has a an image area of 18” x 7”, on a  21.5” x 11” sheet of gray charcoal paper, painted in gouache over light pencil sketching. On the reverse side is hand-written, “European Powers Convening”, and “N.Y. Times Magazine, Oct 9, ’60”. However, Wikipedia states his life span as being from 1885 to July 23, 1948. So, apparently whoever wrote on the back was incorrect about the provenance of this piece.

To further quote Wikipedia:
“Cesare was born in Linkoping, Sweden. At eighteen he moved to Paris to study art, then traveled to Buffalo, New York, to continue his studies. In 1903, he moved to Chicago, and by 1911 he was living in New York City.

“Cesare worked at several publications throughout he is career, including the Chicago Tribune, New York World, New York Sun, New York Evening Post, Our World, The Century Magazine, Bookman, Outlook, Nation’s Business, Literary Digest, Fortune,The New Yorker and The New York Times Sunday Magazine.”

Wikipedia classifies Cesare’ as a caricaturist, painter, draftsman and  editorial cartoonist. All of these abilities are on display in this marvelous painted drawing- drawn painting? Gouache drawing? I have made crops of all the characters/caricatures, in order to luxuriate more sybaritically in the virtuoso skill on display in all 4 above categories.

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