Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Jordi Bernet, Torpedo 1936, "Every Dog Has His Day", Page 3

This is a “Torpedo 1936” page by Jordi Bernet, page 3 from the story “Every Dog Has His Day”. This story is anthologized in “Torpedo 1936” Volume 1, published in the U.S.A., in 1984. 

It’s the first Torpedo story illustrated by Bernet after the character’s co-creator, Alex Toth, dropped out after illustrating the first 2 adventures. 

I purchased this page at the San Diego Comic-Con in the late 90’s. (Had it yet become Comic-Con International?) The dealer I to whom I paid $600 was international, German I believe. 

I feel I lucked out on this page; it has everything—cool film noire lighting, great spotting of blacks, a beautiful woman in 2 panels, a cool close-up of a gun… 

But this page fucked me up, in a way, the same way Tony Salmon’s inks on “The Strange Adventures of H. P. Lovecraft” did—as I tried to imitate their bravura looseness and spontaneity (I had the original to this page leaning on my drawing board when I was inking the Fogtown graphic novel), I could only achieve crude and crappy. Check out the folds on the back of this guy’s jacket in panel 3. Mere mortals can’t get away with that kind of brushwork.

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