Friday, April 10, 2020

Gerald Forton, The New Wave vs. the Volunteers #2, Eclipse Comics

I MUST have met Gerald Forton when we were co-workers on D.I.C. Entertainment in the late 1980’s. We were employed on the Will Meugniot produced serie(s), “The Real Ghostbusters”, and “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”. (Will used several comic book artists, Russ Heath and Dave Simmons, among them. Gerald would have only been one of many.) I have a vague memory of Gerald. seen from across the room, a tall, distinguished man in his 50’s, .

My loss, as it turns out. Looks to me like we have a real contender here. I’m seeing John Buscema and Neal Adams pureed together with a European “drawing-with-the-ink-brush” quality of Jordi Bernet, but tighter, not as calligraphic, or as sexy.

I won this page from Heritage Auction Sunday Weekly Auction on March 29, 2020. This page had a bid of $0.00. What the FUCK? This is a really good page! So I bid $35, the price I had been trying to sell my own original artwork for until a year or so ago when I decided, for that price, I might as well keep my pages. In fact the last time (and the first time for over a year) that I participated in a Heritage Auction Sunday event was last month, when one of my pages from Batman Adventure #6 came up for bid. The high bid was $0.00.The Hell with THAT. My page was a good page, if I do say so myself. So I bid $35 on it. Why not? That’s probably what I sold it for, back in the day. 

I was glad I was outbid ($38.00). That means I had the money to bid (and win—what’s WRONG with you people?) on this page.

So, what’s so great about this page? The draftsmanship is confident, muscular; the staging is dynamic both in its levels of depth and the way the eye is led through the page. The spotting of blacks isn’t flashy or eye-catching, but they read with admirable clarity.

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