Monday, March 30, 2020

Ross Andru, Sam Grainger, Gulliver of Mars, 1972

This page is pencilled by Ross Andru, inked by Sam Grainger. It was published in “Creatures on the Loose” #18, by Marvel Comics, July 1972. This was the third installment in the serial, “Gullivar Jones, Warrior of Mars” which ran from “Creatures on the Loose” in issues #16 through #21. It is adapted from “Liet. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation”, by Edwin Lester Arnold, in 1905. “Its lukewarm reception led Arnold to shop writing fiction” (Wikipedia). It precedes “The Warlord of Mars”, by Edgar Rice Burrows, by nine years. 
Installments one and two have stunning artwork by Gil Kane and Sam Grainger. Installments five and six have equallly stunning artwork by Gray Morrow. This current installment was graced by Andru, at the time, was one of my Top 10 most hated comic book artists. I’m not sure why my tastes have changed so radically, 
What I saw there was stilted, mannered and grotesque. What I see now a dynamic over-all page composition. The reptilian swimmer in the upper panels form the top of a “X” with the direction of their bodies. The black back ground of the montage panel forms the bottom, the supine damsel acting as a structural base.

What turned me from hater to lover was “Tales To Thrizzle”

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