Sunday, March 15, 2020

Kevin Altieri, Mark Farmer, "Grunge Saves The World" Gen 13 Special Issue, Wildstorm

This page is pencilled by Kevin Altieri, inked by Mark Farmer. It was published by Wildstorm in May 1999, around the time that the imprint was bought by DC Comics.

Kevin was tapped by Wildstorm to write and direct its first foray into animation, a feature adaptation of the property “Gen 13”. The movie remains unreleased in the United States because Disney is the copyrights-owner.

The relationship with Wildstorm lead to Kevin writing and drawing two issues of the Gen 13 comic book series: Gen 13 Bootleg #18, and “Grunge Saves The World” (showcasing the Gen 13 team member, “Grunge”.)

I bought this page at LA Con 2019, from a dealer, for $70.

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