Sunday, September 29, 2019


“The Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA) is an integrated resort destination on the shores of the Red Sea. It is considered the first themed entertainment attraction at the coastal city of Aqaba, Jordan, and the first to use green energy to minimize adverse environmental impacts. The key attractions include dining, retail, nightlife, rides, shows, museum exhibits, theme parks, water parks, interactive walk-throughs, and a ‘Star Trek Experience’ based upon the new Star Trek franchise.” (Wikipedia) This resort is funded by King Abdullah II of Jordan. I was brought onto the project by the U.S.A design crew, headed by Eddie Houchins and Antran Manoogian. These characters are part of the interactive walk-throughs, They are taken from Arab folk tales and mythology, modernized and westernized for the new (one hopes) era. Honestly, I didn’t have a clear idea of these character’s sources and underlying meanings. I was working blind, depending on Eddie and Antran to prevent me from committing unknowing sacrilege.

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