Monday, September 16, 2019

King of the Hill, Lightbox Expo Portfolio, Continued

“King of the Hill”, Episode DABE 17, Act 2, scene 50, panel 1. This is a panel from my story board from the final episode of the last season, done in 2008. In this episode, Bobby is discovered as having a hither-to unknown ability to expertly judge grades of beef. At last, Hank and Bobby find a common interest. This panel was quite a challenge: I had to place most of the series’ cast on a picnic table in the Hill back yard. (The remainder of the cast is in the unseen reverse angle.)
 “King of the Hill”, Episode DABE 17, Act 2, scene 44, panel 1. This is the establishing shot of the sequence. Scene 50 is the reverse angel of scene 44. This shot has EVERY member of the main cast still in the cast. Everyone is watching Bobby show off his newly discovered talent for expertly judging grades of beef.
“King of the Hill”, Episode DABE 17, Act 2, scene 45, panel 2. Here we see a medium close up of Bobby, given a quick look at the cuts of beef being barbecued on the Hill family propane-fueled grill as Hank tests Bobby’s beef-grading prowess. Dale, Bill and Boomhauer look on, transfixed from the suspense.

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