Monday, July 16, 2018

Minnie Holsinger, The Farmer's Wife 51, Manor Bakers, Edward Moran

This is blog #51 of my on-going series sharing pages from the scrap book of Minnie Holsinger, which she compiled in the 30s and 40s while she and Grandpa Charlie were saving to buy a farm.
For the next several blogs I will be posting images from what I assume to be a Manor Bakers’ Complimentary Wall Calendar. I could easily be wrong; after this “title” image there are only 9 others; the paper is too thing to withstand a year’s worth of hanging display and there’s nothing printed on the reverse side. Yet I can’t imagine what else it could be. The subject of this series of paintings seems to be the “discovery” and settlement of America by the British, told in highly Christian-mythologized terms. Most of them are by Henry (HY) Hintermeister, who we’ve encounter many times before in this blog series.

This lead image is by Edward Moran (1829-1901), once-famed-but-now-forgotten maritime painter. Here’s a link to his wikipedia page

Moran died in 1901, so the painting shown here couldn't have been commissioned by Manor Bakers or whoever packaged whatever sort of cultural artifact this series of paintings spring from. Perhaps the ensuing works were cobbled together from other sources as well.

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