Monday, July 9, 2018

Banzai! at The Henson Brewing Company, Masami Kuroki, Jun Iida, Alan Kilpatrick, Ian Solomon

Sunday, July 8th, I was invited to a 2 hour performance of Banzai!,

a jazz quartet headed by master guitarist  Masami Kuroki

backed by Jun Iida on trumpet, 
Alan Kilpatrick on drums,

and Ian Solomon, stand-up bass.

(I’m listing them alphabetically so as to avoid any connotations of qualitative judgement). The gig went down at the Henson Brewing Company, at 2121 Kenmere Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504. 

The performances, both individually and as a unit, were stellar. 

I had heard these four musicians perform at Alan Kilpatrick’s last two birthday parties, along with several other of Alan’s music playing friends. 

After the 2017 blowout, I told Alan’s wife, Georgia Brewer, that it felt like I had lucked into a free jazz concert at the Hollywood Bowl. She informed me that one of the performers had, or was about to, perform at the Bowl and that a couple of the others had (or were soon to) perform at the Playboy Jazz Festival.
So it was a total gas to hear them again, for free, at the Henson. The beer was expensive though. I purchase a “flight” of 4 beer samples, The Paleolithic, Citron Saison (with mayer lemons), The Poi-Kee, and the Sidechick (both pale ales). I purchase a “growler” jug of the first two varieties for later use.
Anyway, the audience was serenaded with virtuosity and verve. Y’all should keep an eye out for these guys; I know I will.

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