Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Minnie Holsinger, The Farmer's Wife 28, Nelson Grofe

This is image #28 of my on-going series sharing the pages of the scrap book of Minnie Holsinger, which she collected in the 30s and 40s while she and my Grandfather Charlie Holsinger were saving to buy a farm.
This illustration is by Lloyd Nelson Grofe, listed on Ebay as a “Pennsylvania Impressionist”. That’s the same group or classification that Walter Emerson Baum (The Farmer’s Wife 20/21) was lumped into/ classified as. I could find no biography in my superficial internet search, except that examples of his illustration for “Country Gentleman Magazine” and “Country Life” are currently available on Ebay (Act Now!)

My late Grandmother Minnie was super-into paintings of floral arrangements, and you’ll be seeing many of them in the weeks to come.

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