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Avengers Episode #63, Act One (Portfolio Sample}

This is a section intended for inclusion to my upcoming on-line portfolio. It’s from the Starz animated Avengers series. I vaguely recall doing this around 2011/2012. I don’t know what episode it’s for; Wikipedia’s episode listing is ambiguous, I didn’t save the script and have never seen the episode (or any of the episodes) animated. Can any helpful Avengers fans help me out here?
 AV 33 Sc 1 Pnl 1
C.U. on MJOLNIR. It lies on a pedestal in throne room, off to the side-
 AV 33 Sc 1 Pnl 2
Action: Truck out, sliding IN Balder during t.o.; Balder stares down at Mjolnir…
 AV 33 Sc 1 Pnl 3
Action: Balder turns, glancing o.s.
 AV 33 Sc 2 Pnl 1
Action: Balder’s POV— We see Thor standing n balcony, staring into space.

 AV 33 Sc 3 Pnl 1
Action: Cut back to Balder, looking at o.s. Thor-
AV 33 Sc 3 Pnl 2
Action: Balder turns back toward Mjolnir.

AV 33 Sc 3 Pnl 3
Action: Balder grabs Mjolnir…

 AV 33 Sc 3 Pnl 4
Action:…strains with all his might to lift it. It budges not the slightest bit.

 AV 34 Sc 4 Pnl 1
Action: CU on Balder, straining to lift Mjolnir…
 AV 34 Sc 4 Pnl 2
Action: DIAG PAN with Balder as he leans back, straining with every fiber of his godly being to move the o.s. celestial hammer-
 AV 34 Sc 5 Pnl 1
Action: Truck in on MJOLNIR as BALDER continues striving unsuccessfully to lift it in the tiniest degree…
 AV 34 Sc 5 Pnl 2
Action:… instead an inscription flares onto it…”WHOSOEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER, IF HE BE WORTHY…” Apparently Balder isn't-
 AV 34 Sc 6 Pnl 1
Action: Balder’s massive arms shake; his face strains with effort…
 AV 34 Sc 6 Pnl 2
Action: As Balder gives  up, leaning forward with exhaustion, Thor speaks from o.s….
Dialogue: THOR (OS): “It should be me…”

 AV 34 Sc 6 Pnl 3
Action: Balder glances toward o.s. Thor…
Dialogue: THOR (OS/CONT): “… entering Muspelheim, Balder.”
 AV 34 Sc 7 Pnl 1
Action: Balder’s POV- We see Thor standing on balcony, staring into space…
 AV 34 Sc 7 Pnl 2
Action: Balder steps IN, away from cam, toward Thor-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “Not Odin.”
 AV 34 Sc 8 Pnl 1
Balder steps out onto balcony…
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “He could be in battle with Sutur…”
 AV 34 Sc 8 Pnl 2
Balder stops, standing behind Thor-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “this very moment.”
 AV 34 Sc 9 Pnl 1
Action: OTS Thor, on Balder-
Dialogue: BALDER: “There was a time when you’d have welcomed Odin taking such action.”
 AV 34 Sc 10 Pnl 1
Action: REVERSE ANGEL, OTS Balder on Thor. Truck in on Thor as he turns, looking back at Balder
Dialogue: THOR: “Perhaps. But the tree of life is still healing, and Odin’s powers are weakened. 
 AV 34 Sc 10 Pnl 2
Action: Slight diag. pan to keep Thor framed as he turns to face Balder more fully.
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “And Sutur… I dread even to say it… This may be a battle Odin cannot win.”
 AV 34 Sc 11 Pnl 1
Action: Balder steps to Thor, stands next to him.
Dialogue: BALDER: “Who are we to question,,,”
 AV 34 Sc 11 Pnl 2
Action: Thor leans onto balcony rail-
Dialogue: BALDER (CONT): ”…the Allfather’s wisdom?”
 AV 34 Sc 12 Pnl 1
Action: Profile of Thor; he glances back toward o.s. Mjolnir-
Dialogue: THOR: “Perhaps Odin does not deem me worthy to fight by his side.”
 AV 35 Sc 13 Pnl 1
Action: Thor’s POV on Mjolnir, throne in BG-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT/OS): “Perhaps he knows that even in the face of war with Sutur, 
I find my thoughts on Midgard.”
 AV 35 Sc 14 Pnl 1
Action: Thor looks at Balder as Balder speaks-
Slowly slide BG clouds on separate levels, sliding closest to cam faster, etc. 
Dialogue: BALDER:”Heimdall says there is still no sign of the Enchantress.”

 AV 35 Sc 14 Pnl 2
Action: Thor turns away, leans on balcony.
Dialogue:THOR: “Tis not Amora I think of.”

 AV 36 Sc 15 Pnl 1
Action: Thor gazes pensively o.s.- Slowly slide BG clouds on separate levels, 
sliding closest to cam faster, etc. 
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “The Avengers are more than capable of defending 
their world against her. But there was a mortal… Jane Foster.”
 AV 36 Sc 16 Pnl 1
Action: OTS MJONIR; We see Thor and Balder on balcony- Truck out to include SIF, listening in F.G.-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT): “It is troubling. I think of her…
 AV 36 Sc 17 Pnl 1
Action: REVERSE ANGLE- Sif listens to o.s. Thor-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT/OS):”…while here I feel a stranger among my own people.”
 AV 36 Sc 17 Pnl 2
Action: Sif has heard enough. She steps toward o.s. Thor-
 AV 36 Sc 18 Pnl 1
Action: Sif steps IN from behind Thor.
Dialogue: SIF (START OS): “If you long…”
 AV 36 Sc 18 Pnl 2
Action: They look back at her as she stops, hands on hips-
Dialogue: SIF (CONT): “for Midgard so much, Thor…”

 AV 36 Sc 19 Pnl 1
Action: Angle on Sif, looking pissed-
Dialogue: SIF (CONT): “Why don’t you go there?”
 AV 36 Sc 20 Pnl 1
Action: Thor steps toward Sif.
Slowly slide BG clouds on separate levels, sliding closest to cam faster, etc. 
Dialogue: THOR: “Sif,,,”
 AV 36 Sc 20 Pnl 2
Action: Sif  puts out her hand, stopping Thor-
Dialogue: SIF: “Who ARE you. Because this is not the warrior I knew.”

 AV 36 Sc 21 Pnl 1
Action: OTS Thor, on Sif-
Dialogue: SIF (CONT): “Filled with doubt and fear, longing for the company of mortals.
 AV 36 Sc 22 Pnl 1
Action: OTS Sif, on Thor-
Dialogue: THOR: I did not mean…

AV 36 Sc 22 Pnl 2
Action: DX on light flare from o.s INT Throne room; (SFX): THUNDER CLAP-
Sit and Thor turn to look-
AV 36 Sc 23 Pnl 1
Action:  (SFX/CONT): THUNDER CLAP- INT ASGARD THRONE ROOM- lighting bolt continues striking inside the throne room-
AV 36 Sc 23 Pnl 2
Action: Lightning bolt clears, revealing Odin, standing over smoking char-spot on floor- Continuously DX smoke OS (but not completely)-
 AV 36 Sc 24 Pnl 1
Action: MCU on Odin looking beat up and disheveled- HU DXing smoke toward OS-
AV 36 Sc 25 Pnl 1
Action:  Sif, Balder and Thor react in shock-
 AV 36 Sc 26 Pnl 1
Action: Odin is trudging up stairs, looking exhausted- 
Dialogue: ODIN:  “Sutur has indeed left …”
 AV 36 Sc 26 Pnl 2
Action: He plops down heavily on throne as Thor, Sif and Balder rush in…
Dialogue: ODIN (CONT): ”…Muspelheim. With the protective seals broken…”
 AV 36 Sc 26 Pnl 3
Action: Truck in as trio comes to a stop standing before Odin
Dialogue: ODIN (CONT): ”…there was nothing to prevent his escape.”AV 36 Sc 27 Pnl 1

Action: Sc 27 Pnl 1
Down shot on Sif, Thor and Balder, looking up at o.s. Odin
Dialogue: SIF: “I do not understand, my lord. 
If this be the case, why has he not attacked Asgard?”
AV 36 Sc 28 Pnl 1
Action: Upshot on Odin, sitting on throne-

Dialogue: ODIN:  “I do not know. For somehow Sutur has found a way to hide from my sight.”
AV 36 Sc 29 Pnl 1
Action: REVERSE ANGLE, DOWNSHOT-The massive DOORS to the Throne Room open, revealing THE WARRIORS THREE - VOLSTAGG, HOGUN and FANDRAL : THOOM!!! 

Dialogue: VOSTAGG: “Lord Odin!”
 AV 36 Sc 30 Pnl 1
Action: Angle on doorway; Warriors 3 step into throne room, com to a stop
Dialogue: VOSTAGG:(CONT): “ We bring news from Heimdall.”

 AV 36 Sc 31 Pnl 1
Action: UPSHOT on Vostagg and Hogun-
Dialogue: VOSTAGG:(CONT): “ He has found something.”

 AV 36 Sc 32 Pnl 1
Action: REVERSE ANGLE; Odin tries to rise from throne…

 AV 36 Sc 32 Pnl 2
Action: Thor and Sif turn to look at Odin-
 AV 36 Sc 32 Pnl 3
Action: They react with concern as Odin collapses back onto throne-
AV 36 Sc 32 Pnl 4
Action: They take a step towards him, stop-
Dialogue: THOR: “Rest, Father…”

AV 36 Sc 33 Pnl 1
Action: Slow continuous T.I. on Thor as he speaks-
Dialogue: THOR (CONT):”…I will find out what troubles Heimdall so.”

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