Monday, November 6, 2017

Heart of Steel, Part Two, Act Three (Part Eight)

Heart of Steel, Part Two, Act Three (Part Eight)

Here at last is the stunning conclusions to “Heart of Steel, Part Two”, wherein 
I present pages 104 through 122. I am posting the storyboard in serialized fashion. I boarded this section. 

As I have mentioned in previous installments of this serialized blog, most of my section of Act Three was cut for length from the episode-as-aired. I regret losing the bit where Barbara whacks Robo-Batman with the oversize wrench (as shown in Installment #5). 

In this current installment, I’m sad to have lost the bit where Barbara throws Woobie at Robo-Batman, causing him to reveal himself when he goes in T2 mode and skewers the beloved stuffed animal. This causes Dad (Commissioner Gordon) to flip out and ram the killer-robot down with his truck, pinning him against a cement wall as it explodes in dramatic immolation.

Amusingly, the conflagration only burns off Robo-Batman’s false patina, leaving him otherwise willing and able to wreck further violence. However, before he can move a step, he is crushed beneath a chunk of falling masonry. Just to make sure, I skewered the chunk with a steel girder, putting a fork in it, so to speak.

I watched “Heart of Steel” Parts One and Two for the first time a couple months ago, along with the DVD commentary track. In it, Bruce Timm (the producer) and Kevin Altieri (the director) talk over Part Two. They mention having to cut the Robo-Batman character out of the episode entirely. I remembered the storyboard fondly, so I combed through my files in hope that I had kept a copy of it. I am gratified to have found this board, present it to the world, rescuing it from the Akashic Library.

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