Thursday, October 26, 2017

Heart of Steel, Part Two, Act Two (Part Four)

Herein I present pages 61 through 77 to Act Two of the storyboard to the Batman Animated series episode #44, entitled “Heart of Steel Part Two”. This episode was directed by Kevin Altieri. I am posting the storyboard in serialized fashion. Kevin Altieri boarded this section.

Again, I’d judge Kevin roughed this section. Mike Goguen cleaned it. It looks like my hand writing on the staging directions. (Except for the “CRASH” six on page 76 which is Kevin’s.)

Storyboard artists, back in the day, rarely let anyone else write their staging directions, at least not the conscientious ones. Lame ones complained: “the pictures tell the story”, but this is only partially true and trusts to the judgement of the timers more than is wise. I wrote my staging directions as I went along, not wanting to have to spend 2 to 3 hours at the end of the job. 

Actually that’s not completely true. Now that I think of it, one of the pleasures of the job was, late at night, smoking a joint, drinking a beer, and writing in the staging directions. At my leisure, I’d enjoy the fruits of my hard work, catching last-minute  mistakes as well. (Doing storyboards is like shelling sunflower seeds: not fun during, but quite enjoyable after, when one has a large pile on which to snack).

In this case, I’d been simpatico with Kevin since the mid-80’s, frequently serving as un-credited co-director on various projects. He could, with confidence, hand off the finished board for me to dot the “I”s and cross the “T”s.

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