Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Heart of Steel", Part One, Act Three (Part Six)

This is a post of storyboard pages 54 through 63. I boarded this section.

Having subdued Alfred, Randa is free to explore Wayne Manor. She steps into the library in long shot (C75); cut to medium close-up providing a better view of the futurist goggles she now wears (C76).

(C77), (C78) & (C79) comprise a brief montage of P.O.V. pans through Randa’s X-ray goggles; this effect was achieved by superimposing the normal BG layer as a 40% DX (partial transparence) over non-transparent renderings of the structure of the architectural elements underneath. The pan of the montage ends on the secret entrance to the Batcave.

(C80) Match cut to the “real” (non-P.O.V)  BG; Randa steps in, striding across room to book case, stops, pulls out the exactly correct book to cause the Batcave entrance slide open. She unhesitatingly descends the offstage staircase, exiting frame.

The challenge of expository coverage is to get through it expediently as possible. I believe that it would have been incorrect to dramatize this material. In my opinion, one needs to choose one’s spots for emphasis. If one starts big, one has nowhere to go but up (to ridiculous heights as in your average John Woo movie).

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