Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Heart of Steel", Part One, Act Two (Part Five)

This is a posting of pages 51 through 65. This section is storyboarded by Mike Goguen

In Act Two, we are introduced to Cybertron  Industries and its head scientist and CEO (I assume) Dr. Karl Rossum. In posting  #4, Mr. R. is ably portrayed in expression and body language, as being a lovable eccentric, an overgrown child surrounded by cute toys. 

The mood shifts as Bruce follows Rossum down to the basement (I especially like scene B73: we start on a black frame, the door opens, rim-lighting a mysterious machine in the F.G., the lights click on and we see we're in a large room with a giant computer) and isintroduced to the scientist’s pride and joy, “Hardac”. This stands for ”Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer”, Randa Duane explains as she steps from Hardac’s bowels as though being birthed. We might not yet recognize her as being the mysterious, obliquely viewed woman in Act One, but we soon will (recognize her, that is). 

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