Friday, September 22, 2017

Heart of Steel, Part One, Act One, (Part Seven)

Here-in I present  pages 61 through 71.

I find the characterization of Robot Briefcase really interesting; She isn’t homicidal, uses no more force than necessary to accomplish her goals; in this case, keeping Batman at bay. Her economy of action appeals to me as well; in post #6, the way she casually flips open the false bottom, revealing the mini-rocket launcher underneath. This little robot is definitely too cool for school. 

I was actually rather sad when she self-immolated. It speaks rather poorly of Batman that he didn’t give her remains a second glance.

Speaking of economy, I was all about that during this sequence; I didn’t want to dick around getting Bats off the roof and into airborne pursuit. Hence, I have him drag out and unfold the Bat Glider with a few terse movements, ending on an almost geometric composition of the fully unfolded contraption. We cut away without wasting time showing Batman putting on the glider, getting airborne. I don’t recall if the script was written thusly or not.

On page 66 we re-introduce the woman of mystery (Randa) seen obliquely in the episode opening. I’ll have more to say about her in subsequent postings. At this juncture, I will merely point scene A89 which starts with a close of Randa’s hand, holding a palmful of the pilfered Waynetech microchips. The scene holds and Randa deposits the chips into a small bag, cinches the bag shut, walks through frame under the camera, into the near distance, exiting camera right. We hold briefly on her footprints  then pan up to the roadside cliff, near which is parked Randa’s convertible. Immediately, Randa walks back into frame, the vertical pan acting as a quasi time-wipe.  All in one shot. (You may now applaud).

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 23! The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California, USA! Me, Brad Rader! Kevin Altieri! Appearing on a panel discussion celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Batman Animated TV Series, moderated by Londyn Jackson, of the History of Batman! So much excitement! I’ll be doing commissioned sketches as well! (I can’t speak for Kevin, but he also draws quite admirably and will probably draw for you if you ask nicely).

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