Saturday, April 15, 2017

Paul Newman

Last night I watched “Quintet”, directed by Robert Altman and starring Paul Newman, Bibi Andersson, Brigitte Fossey, Fernando Rey, Vittorio Gassman and Nina Van Pallandt. Or, to be more precise, I watched the first 2/3s (and a “making of” documentary) on Thursday, April 13 and the last third on Friday, April 14th. I could barely stand watching the first 2/3s; for some reason I highly enjoyed the last third. I’m not sure why the different experience from one day to the next. It could be I had a fun and thought provoking conversation with a friend about the meaning and value of Robert Altman movies.
In any case, I was struck by the fact that Paul Newman was a couple of years younger than I am now when he acted in “Quintet”. I must say he looked really good (or his face looked really good; his body was entirely covered with heavy, shape-hiding winter clothes at all times, except for a chaste bed scene with Bibi Andersson where their bodies were completely hidden by blankets. The whole point of the movie was that it was fucking cold everywhere you went) for a guy in his mid 50’s. I was inspired to draw him. Here it is.

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