Monday, April 17, 2017

John Prentice, Zane Grey's Stories of the West #27 (Installment 6)

More Artistic-Process-Curiosity: I notice that the character designs for “Dad” Smith and “Dirty” Dick Hardman both have striped clothing articles treated as self-color lines. Was this the work of the (presumed) artist, John Prentice, or a decision made by the unknown colorist? I think of a page of original western comic art page I own, from Lone Ranger #63, by Tom Gil where similar patterned cloth treatments are indicated in the black line art stage. I know that cartoonists would indicate self-color lines in the original artists; did Prentice do that here?

This is a continuation of the serialized posting of the artwork from the pages of Zane Grey’s Stories of the West #27, published by Dell Comics in  1955. It features the story “Zane Grey’s Roundup”, “A Pictured Edition of “Open Range”. In this post I present pages 26 through 30.

I am assuming the artwork presented here is by John Prentice, who took over the “Rip Kirby” syndicated newspaper strip after the creator, Alex Raymond, died in a car crash in 1956, though I can find no confirmation of that in my on-line research.

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