Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Two of A Kind" Part G-2

(Continued) We’re on the topic of work speed. 

On this board I was averaging 20 to 25 pages of clean up per day. Bear in mind that these are two-panel board pages, making  use of the wider aspect ratio then (2004/2005) coming into vogue; the traditional television aspect ratio allowed 3 or even 4 panels per storyboard page. Those would take more time to clean. Actually a more accurate way to gauge speed would have been “per panel”, not “per page”. I’m guessing that my average rate, per panel, was 20 minutes, which was what I had the desk-top timer set for, alerting me it was time to do something physical for a couple /five minutes (to be continued).

I am posting, in serialized fashion, my storyboard for episode 10 of The Batman - Season 4, “Two of a Kind”. This is the eigth posting. The other posts can be viewed on the blog page of my website, 

“Two of a Kind” was written by Paul Dini, directed by Antony Chun and produced  by Michael Goguen. Kim Smith was the line producer. Jeff Matsuda was the main character designer.

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