Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Two of A Kind" Part C-1

I don’t know why I didn’t do full cleans on this board. I don’t know why W.B. let me get away with tight roughs. I’m re-reading my old journals from 2005, but I only talk in general terms about working as a free-lancer on the series. To my disappointment, I tend not to go into specifics about the plot and characters in any given episode.

I am posting, in serialized fashion, my storyboard for episode 10 of The Batman - Season 4, “Two of a Kind”. This is part one of the third posting.

“Two of a Kind” was written by Paul Dini, directed by Antony Chun and produced  by Michael Goguen. Kim Smith was the line producer. The other board artists on the episode were Tim Eldred and Young  Yune. Jeff Matsuda was the main character designer.

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