Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eternal Youth Part 2

This is the start of my section of the storyboard for the Batman Animated TV series episode, “Eternal Youth”. We (Kevin, the director, and I, the storyboard artist) went off script in 2 key ways.

1) As I recall, the script had Bruce and Alfred opening the morning mail in the living room or dining room. Kevin insisted in setting this scene in the Wayne Manor home gym. Kevin’s perspective was that Batman was a superb athlete and should be seen working out/staying in shape at the slightest pretext.

2) Actually, the second way plays out in Part 3, so I’ll tell y’all about it then.

Anyway, I had much fun with this episode. I was happiest doing the dialogue/character building set-pieces. I wasn’t wild about doing the action set-pieces, although I knew the rules and how to make them exciting. I just didn’t believe them. I wanted to get past them as expediently as possible. This piece of subtle by-play between Bruce and Alfred (and, imminently, Maggie) was a pure joy, totally played to my strengths.

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