Friday, February 24, 2017

"Down Low With Luigi"

This drawing is excavated from one of my late ’80’s erotic sketchbooks. It’s part of a series I’m now calling “Down Low With Luigi” (as opposed to “Down Low With Lou”, the series I’m currently posting on my Tumblir account. The address is for those of you brave enough to visit it for yourself. Be warned, the artwork I post there is frankly homoerotic. So There. This is one of the few pieces I can post of Facebook.) 
As an aspiring mainstream comic book artist in the 80’s, I got continual feedback that my inks weren’t of professional  quality. The really sad thing is that I believed them. Jeez, I wish I could do work like this TODAY.  Or, I should say, I hope I still CAN do work like this today. We’ll find out when I start trying.

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