Saturday, January 7, 2017

Warner Brothers Batman Animated TV Series, Episode /"Off Balance" (Day 23)

Nice touches abound in this remaining section of storyboard.
 I like, in scene C86, where Talia has to shift her weight when taking the sonic drill from Batman. 

I like the cape animation on Batman in scene C88/ C90. 

The pissed-off close-ups on Batman in scenes C87 and C92 are fun but probably off model, especially the gritted teeth and showing-gums on C92. If I had the patience, I’d watch the cartoon again to see how it was changed in layout.

I believe this is one of the final boards I did before going on hiatus to draw “The Batman Adventures” issues 4, 5 and 6.

This is the final in a series of posts about my storyboard for the Batman: The Animated Series, episode 406 550, entitled “Off Balance”. I did this storyboard, I believe, in 1992, and it was aired on November 23, 1992 as the 44th  episode. I boarded much of Act 1, part of Act 2 and most of Act 3. 

Today I am posting pages 66 through 69 of  “Off Balance”, Act 3. 

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