Sunday, January 1, 2017

Warner Brothers Batman Animated TV Series, Episode /"Off Balance" (Day 17)

Good drawing is one of the great pleasures of my life. It’s therefor extremely pleasing when some of those drawings are mine. I was on a top in my game when boarding “Off Balance. After working on the Batman Animated TV series for over a year, I was comfortable enough drawing the characters that I could draw directly in ink with minimal corrections. Panel A, B, and C are especially pleasing to me. I’d be proud to see them in one of my published comic pages. In fact, I wish I could get this quality into my comic book pages.

I am doing a serialized post of my storyboard for the Batman: The Animated Series, episode 406 550, entitled “Off Balance”. I did this storyboard, I believe, in 1992, and it was aired on November 23, 1992 as the 44th  episode. I boarded much of Act 1, part of Act 2 and most of Act 3. 

Today I am posting pages 36 through 40 of  “Off Balance”, Act 3. 

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