Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hanna Barbarians

I found these ink and watercolor sketches in my sketchbook/journal from 12.12.92 to 06.23.93. The first one that I now title “Wilma Warthog” is dated 12.23.92 so I assume that the rest were done around that time. For the sake of filing them I’ve named the characters. I’m not trademarking or copyriting them because they’re obvious mash-ups of other corporation’s properties.

                      WILMA WARTHOG

                        WOODY GATOR

                     LA CONEJA FATALE

                           DAFFY LION

                     CATTY  STILTSKIN

Credit where it's due: I vaguely recall a Scott Shaw cartoon in the "Buyer's Guide For Comics Fandom" back in the 70's or 80's mashing up Fred Flintstone and Conan called "Fred the Hanna Barbarian" or something like that. Am I correct, Scott?

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