Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Day Laborer" & "Judy in St. Louis"; More New Drawings

These drawings are extremely new; in fact, I did them last night while watching “Meet Me In St. Louis”. 

The first drawing is a copy of last week’s LA Weekly cover. I was struck by the photo, a frontal close-up of a supposed day laborer looking directly at camera. “Ooh, hot man”, I thought to myself, and resolved, at some near point, to make a drawing of that photo. 

Having accomplished this, I was still antsy, felt the need to draw Judy as she was appearing in MMiSL. Since this was regular cable tv (and I don’t have Tivo) I couldn’t freeze frame and had to approach the drawing as I do when I’m sketching public events where the subjects don’t know they’re being sketched: when they change position I stop, possibly working on another drawing, and wait for them to momentarily return to a similar pose. I think it worked out surprisingly well.

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