Monday, December 5, 2016

Rainblo-Batman Custom Comic, "Batman-Born on the Fourth of July, pg 23

This is Day 19 of my serialized blog about the Rainblo-Batman Custom Comic entitled “Batman: Born on the Fourth of July”, which I pencilled in the spring of 1994. Each day’s post will include the plot outline, the finished script (when I have it), my roughs, and my pencils. I can’t include images of the pages-as-published as I didn’t receive and have never seen them . If anyone reading this has a copy of the published work, please contact me. If you give or sell me a copy, or send me scans of the published or finished artwork, I will incorporate them into future blog posts. 

Today I’m discussing page 23. The shot list for page 23 doesn’t seem to have anything to do page 23 as roughed and pencilled. I don’t recall the reason for the discrepancy.

                                                     RBBM Shotlist pg 23
19) Establish kid  in group with tomcats and mimes and Riddler and Catwoman, “Well it looks like they’re not going to release the Joker- so in less than an hour the Statue is history”

20) Shot of Catwoman. “Yeah, and Batman’ll  never figure out the riddle in time, and even if he does,,,”

21) Shot of EXT CROWN; main detonator is on top, on spike “He’ll have to make it past us to get to the crown where the main detonator is to type in the Riddle’s answer

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