Friday, December 2, 2016

Rainblo-Batman Custom Comic, "Batman-Born on the Fourth of July, pg 18(20)

This is Day 17 of my serialized blog about the Rainblo-Batman Custom Comic entitled “Batman: Born on the Fourth of July”, which I pencilled in the spring of 1994. Each day’s post will include the plot outline, the finished script (when I have it), my roughs, and my pencils. I can’t include images of the pages-as-published as I didn’t receive and have never seen them . If anyone reading this has a copy of the published work, please contact me. If you give or sell me a copy, or send me scans of the published or finished artwork, I will incorporate them into future blog posts. 

Today I’m discussing page 18  (printed as page 20 in the comic book, I’m assuming.)

The sequence of panels where Batman rescues the falling mime is swiped from a similar sequence towards the climax of “Castle Cagliostro”, the first anime feature by Hayao Miyazaki. 

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