Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Luis Dominguez Green Force Five

These pages were won in auction on August 21, from Heritage Auction. The hammer price for all three pages was $48. The auction record credits the as attributed to Miguel Repetto, but it looks like the work of Luis Dominguez to me. The pages appear to be part of a pitch for a daily newspaper adventure strip. Given the lack of the twin World Trade Center towers in Strip #5, panel #2, I would judge these to be late 60’s or early 70’s. (Also, the clothing and car styles.) I bought them because they were cheap, and I like the clarity, simplicity, and freshness and spontaneity of the drawing. 

“Strip #5”: His facility is such that he doesn’t have to plot out the perspective vanishing points but can free-hand it. I like the way the artist started in with ink on strip #3. I like the way it feels that he isn’t working it, that it has as much blood sweat and tears as an above average storyboard panel (in its pencil stage). 

“Strip #6”: Again, I find his combination of relatively tight pencilling in the figures and rougher in the figures interesting. Apparently this is as tight as he needed to go before starting in to ink, judging from…

“Strip #7”: The woman’s face in panel #1 is all I need to identify these pages as the work of Dominguez. I’m impressed that he’s figuring out the lighting as he inks; even in this partial state we get a real feel for the interior light of a room during daytime. He keeps ink off of the faces, for the most part, just giving us a hint of shadow on the nose and side of the face.

“Strip #8”: Panel 1; the figures don’t quite match the perspective of the room, though this could be fixed by dropping the foreground doorknob to Arabella’s waist and showing us more of the background desk’s top surface. I would also put the man in panel center closer to the camera plane so that he’s spacially halfway between  Arabella and Linda.

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