Saturday, October 22, 2016

"The Third Door", Batman Adventures 6, page 8

I’m continuing to post, in serialize fashion, the rough pages, along with the final printed pages (and the original if I have them) to my three issue run on Batman Adventures. Today we’ll look at page 8  of Batman Adventures #6, published by DC Comics in March 1993. The Story is called “The Third Door”, and it’s written by Kelly Puckett, pencilled by me, inked by Rick Burchett, Colored by Rick Taylor, lettered by Tim Harkins and edited by Scott Peterson.

Having fortified myself by spending an evening sketching the actor, George C. Scott, off a rented laser disc of “Hard Core”, I was now ready to draw good likenesses of the actor that we cast in the roll of Mr. Crenshaw. 

When I’m designing a character based off an real person, my preference is to spend a few hours sketching either from life, from photos or from videos, DVDs or (my preference) laser discs. I put the reference away and work from my sketches. This helps me achieve seamless continuity so that I don’t have the pitfall of having my characters look like (x) in panels where I have good reference and not so much in panels where I don’t. Of course, when pressed for time, I’ll work without doing the prior sketching step.

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