Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This drawing is from the sketchbook I was keeping in the summer of 1992. Its a copy of a panel from the Jack Kirby story in “Weird Mystery”  #1, published by DC Comics in 1974, if I recall correctly. According to The Jack Kirby Collector, among other sources, the story was meant to see print in “Spirit World” #2. Unfortunately, “Spirit World” was cancelled with issue #1.
During the period I sketched this copy I was employed as a staff storyboard artist on the Batman Animated TV series. Bruce Timm (one of the producers on the series) and most of the staff artists were heavily into Kirby and I caught the bug off of them. But they hadn’t seen the source material for this drawing and their minds were blown when I flashed it in front of them, saying “See? Kirby CAN draw women.” 

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