Thursday, August 11, 2016

All Crime Comics #3, Hat Trick, Page 35, August 11, 2016

COUNT DOWN! Only 3 days to go until the August 14th San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention. I’ll be sitting all day at an Artist’s table, selling copies of my published work, original artwork and commissioned sketches. In an attempt to generate interest in my upcoming appearance  I’ll be posting (continuing over the next 4 days) scans of my original artwork for “All-Crime Comics #3, which was published by Art of Fiction Press in 2014. I’ll be posting my version of the color art alongside the black and white. The publisher decide not to use my coloring. If you want to see the published version, come visit my booth at The San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention in Granada Hills, on August 14, 2016 and see for yourself. Archives of this blog can be seen on my website,

This is page 35 from the story, “Hat Trick”, the third installment in a story continuing from “All Crime Comics” #1 and #2.

Marko waves goodbye to cam/binocular matte in panels 1 and 2, continuing the camera POV Hitchcockian audience identification games from previous pages. This is retroactively shown to be Tracy’s POV in panel 3, as she lowers the binocs from her mascara tearstained face. I continuing the police siren started in page 34, panel 6. The script doesn’t call for sirens, but it seemed to me there ought to be some response to all the mayhem of the past few pages. it doesn’t pay off though; we never see any cops arriving.

In panels 5 and 6, Tracy follows the curious crowd to the top tier of the stadium, looking down from the railing at the top of the stands. Notice, in panels 5 and 6, cast members from the “King of the Hill” TV series, i.e, the Hill and Gribbel families. 

I had fun with the sunset colors in panels 5 and 6.

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