Thursday, August 4, 2016

All Crime Comics #3, "Hat Trick", Page 28, August 4, 2016

This is page 28 from the story, “Hat Trick”, the third installment in a story continuing from “All Crime Comics” #1 and #2. Marko’s punch, antic’d in the last panel of page 27, connects in panel 1, forcing the silencer back into the thug’s face, breaking his glasses in twain. We get a good look in panels1 and 2 of how the thug’s shot from page 27 creased Marko’s skull and ear lobe. It has been established in the flashback sequence that Marko is impervious to pain, sort of like the half-brother character from the “Dragon Tattoo” trilogy. He can’t feel it but he can sure dish it out as evidenced from his disarming of the thug in panel 2.
Tracy can dish it out too, as we see where she leaves her claw-marks in Thug #2’s face in panel 3. She luckily manages to pull free as Thug #2 is tazed by arena security in panel 4. 
We finally get a look at the skull on top of the head band she acquired on page 12. This is taken from the design of the “House of Secrets” mascot. It embarrasses me that we’re 3 pages in from her putting it on before we see the skull, but showing it just didn’t work with prior necessities of staging.

Drawing cute girls is not my forte’, but I’ve learned from previous attempts to the extent that I’ve kept ink lines off her face as much as possible. What make it (drawing beautiful women) a challenge for me is that I’m not drawing my “clone of desire” (thank you Dale Lazarov), but a specific character who happens to be a cute teenager.

I'm posting (continuing over the next 10 days) scans of my original artwork for “All-Crime Comics #3, which was published by Art of Fiction Press in 2014. I’ll be posting my version of the color art alongside the black and white. The publisher decide not to use my coloring. 

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