Saturday, July 16, 2016


I did these drawings in 2003 while employed as a staff storyboard artist on “Stripperella”, an animated TV series based off of Pamela Anderson. The concept for the character and her universe was contrived by Ms. Anderson and Stan (The Man) Lee. The series was produced by PopToons, a subsidiary of Nickelodeon set up precisely for the purpose of executing a soft-core porn animated cartoon series while not tarnishing the parent brand.

I must have had a window of down time from storyboarding, so my director, Kevin Altieri, had me do the Stripperella come-hither drawings for some print application (I forget what). 

The drawing of the zaftig Stripperella must’ve  been done for my own amusement, as I still have the original. The drawings of Carrot Top, OJ Simpson and the pregnant lady must have been done as character layouts of the overseas animation studios.

A brief aside: Jill Thompson did character designs on the series; I belief she did the Carrot Top design I based my drawing on.

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