Sunday, July 3, 2016


This is page 4 of 5 pages I did in 1986 or ‘87, as samples to help me break into comics. They are adapted from a storyboard I did for “Jonny Quest” in 1986. The storyboards are cleaned up/inked by Joe Pearson, an artist friend who later founded Epoch Ink. I’ll be including the storyboard pages I adapted along with each page of the comic story-fragment.

Actually, these pages remind me of Russ Heath (at his most uptight) as much as anything. I sort of like panels 4 and 5, especially 5, which is pleasingly “Toth-ish” in it’s spotting of blacks, especially the staging of Dr. Quest’s face in silhouette, though it might have been better to make the background black and have him be lit by the projector. (To Be Continued)

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