Thursday, June 30, 2016


This page is part of a set of 4 pages I adapted from a storyboard I executed in 1990 for the TV Series “Long Ago and Far Away”. 
I must have done these pages in 1991, as part of my ongoing, unsuccessful attempts to break into mainstream comics after my graduation from Art Center College of Design in 1983. I figured that these pages would allow me to show off my ability to draw natural landscapes, pretty women, horses and nocturnal weather conditions.

I am including my storyboards off of which I based this comic-book page.

A note on the storyboards: since I was freelancing this at night while working a day job as storyboard supervisor and the 1990 season of  ‘The Real Ghostbusters’, I roughed out my section of the episode. Marek had my section cleaned by various Filipino ex-comic book artists that were gigging in the TV animation industry during this period, possibly Del Barras or Alfredo Alcala. It seems to me that I see at least 2 different styles in the clean ups. My frequent director, Kevin Altieri, storyboarded the remainder, cherry-picked the battle sequences for himself, leaving me all the girly “Muses-and-Pegasus” sequences. (To be continued)

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