Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I’m posting the rest of director Kevin Altieri’s storyboard pages before I start posting MY storyboard pages that I adapted into my pitch for a Batman Animated TV comic spin-off. I’m posting these pages because they are totally bitchin’. Kevin Altieri was and has been a major influence on my artistic development. You’ll see why as you scroll or page through this sequence.

Since I’m self-aggrandizing, I’m also posting a layout I did from this sequence. I’m not sure whether I drew this for my own amusement or if it was an actual production layout. During lulls in boarding we were tapped to do layouts (the tv series was laid out in USA, in the first season), incidental prop, bg and character designs, etc, so it’s possible this IS an actual layout. On the other hand, it’s somewhat off model (specifically in the anatomy on Batman’s elbow and forearm, and Batman’s knuckles) so it may have been for my own amusement.

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