Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here it is, the fifth and final page of my 5-page pitch to DC Comics, in 1992, for a Batman comics project based off the TV series. I’m including the storyboard pages from which it was adapted.

On the topic of artists who cross over twixt comix and animation storyboarding, ones who come to mind are Bruce Timm, Kevin Altieri, Butch Lukic, Bret Blevins, Ronnie Del Carmin, Anison and Benton Jew, Hiyao Miyazaki, Otomo, Osamo Tezuka, Dan Riba, Jim Wheelock, Tony Salmons, Armando Gil, Jennifer Coyle, Trevor Goring (though he specializes in live-action boards), Mike Vosburg, Chuck Patton, Neal Adams, Rich Chidlaw, Dave Bullock, Brendan McCarthy, Bobby London, Chris Rutkowski, who am I forgetting? Don’t know about? Oh, shit, all the Bob’s Burgers staff artists who worked on the comicbook series. Tom Riggin, Robin Brigstocke, Steve Theis, help me out here….

By the way, storyboard pages 249 and 250 are drawn by the unit director, Kevin Altieri. I would say the Batman and Man-Bat figures on those pages are inked by Bruce Timm.

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