Sunday, April 10, 2016


For issue #3, I’ll be posting my rough layouts along with each page. Since the writer, Mike Barr, and I were working “Marvel Style” (in that he gave me a fairly fleshed out plot outline as opposed to a finished script, writing the dialogue and captions to my penciled pages) I suggested possible dialogue to go along with my staging, anticipating that Mike, or the editor, Bob Schreck, would ask for changes in my layouts before I went into the tight pencils.

More Kirby influence, as evinced by the lack of background in panel 1. I like the way The Mark lifts one special agent completely out of frame and punches a second similarly.

I also like panel 4. I had to radically simplify to ensure readability of the runner Mark figure on the building across the street, silhouetted by the full moon, while giving us an establishing shot of the resolution of the fight scene in the foreground.

This is page 9 for "The Mark" issue 3, volume 2, otherwise known as "The Mark In America", published by Dark Horse Comics in January 1994. Written by Mike Barr, Drawn by Brad Rader

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