Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Mark in America, Page 9

In this page The Mark begins his epic journey from fictional Lutzany to The United States of America, specifically Manhattan. The writer, Mike Barr devoted almost a third of issue one to this journey; I balked, wanting to devote more space to the re-introduction of The Archon, his wife(?) Helda and the ensuing fight sequence. So I took it upon myself to condense the travel sequence to four pages. starting with this one. Mike was pisssed, said if I was going to take those kinds of liberties with his script, that he would prefer to do things "Marvel Style", i.e., giving me the broad "get from point A to point B without providing me with specific action beats or dialogue. That was fine by me.

This is page #9 from "The Mark" volume 2 otherwise known as "The Mark In America", published by Dark Horse Comics in December 1993. Written by Mike Barr, Drawn by Brad Rader

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