Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Mark In America, Page 5

FEBRUARY 4, 2016

Early in the process, I got a call from either Mike Richardson or Randy Stradley, I don’t recall which, but it was one of the top 2 honchos at Dark Horse. Mike/Randy told me that he really liked the world that “The Mark” takes place in, especially the monumental fascistic architecture of Lutzany, and that he hoped I would play that up as much as possible. The conversation was all very jocular, positive. I agreed to do what I could but, after I got off the phone, it really messed with my head. The problem was, what Mike/Randy wanted wouldn’t work with the script; the 2-parter in Dark Horse Comics mostly happens in the ghetto area which is an architectural remnant of pre-Archon Lutzany (hence, no monolithic fascistic architecture). The mini-series immediately moves the action to New York City, happening mostly in New Lutzany, a fictional enclave of Lutzan refugees, modeled off of pre-Archon Lutzany, hence no monolithic fascist architecture. If Randy/Mike wanted to see monolithic fascist architecture, he should have demanded a different script. (Actually, this page is probably the closest to Randy/Mike’s desire in all of The Mark, volume 2.)

I called Bob Screck, the editor on the series, explained my dilemma. I called Bob, explained my dilemma. He told me not to worry, that HE was in charge on this project. This only slightly calmed my worries. Working, as I had, for several years in the TV animation world, I was familiar with creative power struggles and could only hope I wouldn’t end up on the wrong end of this one.

This is page 6 of “The Mark In America”, or “The Mark”, Volume 2, published by Dark Horse Comics in December 1993

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