Saturday, February 27, 2016

MY COLLECTION, 34) February 27, 2016

I’m taking a few days off from my serialized posting of the original art pages to my uncollected 1994 graphic novel, “The Mark In America” to post and blog about one of the highlights of my collection, the complete set of all 9 pages of original artwork, by Lee Elias, to “Banker’s Holiday”, starring the Black Cat. The story was first printed in “Black Cat” #2, published by Harvey Comics in August/September 1946, reprinted in “Black Cat” #10 (1948), and still later in “The Original Black Cat” #5, published by Lorne-Harvey in 1991. This is page #5.

Speaking of circular motifs, Elias does it twice on page 5, almost exactly the same size as the bank vault on page 4. This effect would be striking whether the pages were printed across from each other or not.  

Panel 1 is especially striking, given that the open bank vault in the BG is almost exactly the same size (and shape) as the circular panel border and is symmetrically placed within the composition. I also find it interesting that the circular panels are held within the rectangle of the over-all page, framed by black, instead of being allowed to float freely. 

We get a fun close up on the angry bank robber in panel 5, the only close up, as such, in the entire 9 pages.

What an odd storytelling choice, especially in a story featuring a beautiful woman. Elias tends to keep her full figure as much as possible, as shown in the fight panels 4 and 6.

This is page #5 of 9 from “Banker’s Holiday”, starring Black Cat, from Black Cat #2, published by Harvey Comics in 1946.

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