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43) December 31, 2015
This is a page from the children’s book “Moofy and Tiki”, written by Geoffrey Kaui Ho and illustrated by Jorge Pacheco. I won them in an auction held at the Modern Times Brewery, in San Diego, California, on January 29, 2014, to benefit Joe Phillips, who was recovering from losing one of his legs due to complications of diabetes. I paid $125 for this illustration and a Scooby Doo page Jorge Pacheco had inked for DC Comics.

                  “Moofy and Tiki” is a children’s story designed to help people develop their language skills. Embedded in the story are all the sounds necessary to speak English. As teachers or parents read to English listeners, the student will passively acquire the sounds necessary to speak English. At the next stage, students repeat after the teacher, therefore reinforcing the sounds necessary to speak English. In time, they should be able to read and/or recite the story on their own, ideally mastering all the sounds necessary to speak English. Disclaimer: The list does not include sounds from foreign languages used while speaking English.”
The Scooby Doo page was pencilled by Scott Gross, inked  by Jorge Pacheco, and published in Scooby Doo #135, August 2008. I purchased both pieces for $125.

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