Tuesday, December 29, 2015


“When I reached puberty I became entranced by what was happening to me sexually and I draw hundreds of drawings of my erect cock. While I had been drawing men since I was five, I now began to draw them with less clothes and more visible genitalia.

“In the seventies, I saw the Satyr as the perfect symbol of gay men in that period In Greek myth, satyrs bring joy and love into the lives of men.

“I praise the beauty of masculine men in my art, of their grace, of the passion of their sexuality. Of the peaks and valleys of their fleshcape. Of their raw power. Of their gentle kindness. Of love between men. Of their hardness of body, the wealth of hair on their chest and bodies, of their sense of comapionship.”

February 1996

(from Beasts & Beauties;  The Erotic Art of Olaf)

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