Sunday, December 20, 2015


This is page one of a set of six pages of original art that I acquired directly from Mr. Navarro when we were both employed as staff storyboard artists on the short-lived “Stripperella” animated TV series for Nickelodeon (Pop Tunes). I traded 6 pages of my own original artwork from issues of Catwoman and Batman for these pages which first saw print (I assume but am not sure) in Sonambulo v.1 #3, in a story called “Carnival of Souls”. They were reprinted as chapter 4 of the graphic novel in “Sonambulo in Sleep of the Just: The Collected Cases”.

Carnival of Souls” page 28

This is my favorite page among the 6 that I acquired from Mr. Navarro on that fateful morning in 2002. It’s my favorite for the reason I described in December 19th’s blog: it is the most successful in using only black against white against black shapes to depict the various scenes in each panel. There are only a few lines resorted to in panels 3 and 4, otherwise it’s all shape.

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