Thursday, December 3, 2015


I didn’t know the artist or name of the strip when I won this strip in a Heritage Auction bidding. Who was the artist? What was the strip? Heritage Auction left at a terse “unknown”. It was cheap (postage cost as much as the winning bid), and appealing in a naive sort of way. I liked the design of the "human": the character reminds me (in fact, the whole piece reminds me) of a cross between Basil Wolverton and Richard Sala.
Turns out, the artist is S. M. Iger. According to Jim Wheelock:
‪Jim Wheelock‪ According to Wikipedia, Eisner & Iger had Universal Phoenix Features, studio which produced strips for weekly papers and foreign sales, like Hawk of the Seas. When Eisner left to do the Spirit, Iger called it Phoenix Features. Eisner left in 1940, but this could be from earlier,by the style -- '37 '38. iger was an artist, and might have actually worked on it.”

“Bobby” or “Bobby and Captain Patch” is the name of the strip.

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