Monday, November 30, 2015


This page is an "Apartment 3G" Sunday strip, published on January 31, 1965. It is signed by Alex Kotzky, though Kevin Altieri, my director on the Stripperella TV series at the time I acquired this page, insisted it was ghosted by Frank Springer. Frank Springer drew "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeitgeist" for the Evergreen Review during this same period, so one can compare and contrast. 
I suspect Kevin is correct; upon closer study this page doesn't appear to be by Kotzky, or at least not inked by him. The artist, whoever he or she is, seems to ink mostly with croquille pen using brush only to fill in blacks; Kotzky was more of a brush guy. 
It's magnificent nonetheless; I love how the artist inks the BGs without using a straight edge. giving the art an airy, light feel I wish I could achieve in my own work. Basically I bought or traded for this page because of the background inking, the way the forms are simplified and abstracted so that they work as black on white to reproduce properly for the cheap newsprint. I especially love the first panel. 

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