Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gene Colan and Al Williamson

This morning, I received this page in the mail, from the early '90's Marvel mini-series, "The Harrowers". This page of original art, from issue #4, Page #9, is pencilled by Gene Colan, inked by Al Williamson.  I bought it, bid on it, actually, from Heritage Auctions. I won with a $24.00 bid. It was an acceptable price to pay, as it's not stellar work by either artist.
The page has many good things about it, however. I like Colan's staging; clear and concise. I like Williamson's freshness and spontinaiety of  his ink line, and the way he renders half-tones, especially on the man's face in panel 5. It's not nearly as uptight and precise as his "Secret Agent Corrigan" work, but the seeming messiness is actually quite under control.
Actually, I've never seen any "Corrigan" originals; it could be that, under close examination, his inks are as free and spontaneous on those as well. I had a similar surprise when I made a careful study of Tom Palmer's inks on Gene Colan and Neal Adams.

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