Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cave Painting

Last year, I bought a really cool sketchbook-- the pages are hand-made watercolor paper. I set it aside for later. Later came on a November '11 visit to the San Francisco MOMA museum. Therein was an exhibit of Richard Serra drawings. I'm a fan of Mr. Serra's monolithic sculptures, was unaware of his "drawings", many of which took up entire museum walls. His sketchbooks were inspirational as well. Mostly large shapes done in charcoal, or small sketches of abstract lines. The museum bookstore sold kits of charcoal sticks next to the Richard Serra artbooks, implying that these were the materials he used himself. Naturally, I bought one of the kits and immediately went to work in my watercolor-paper sketchbook with my new charcoal toys.
I love it. The heavily textured paper forces simplicity, has a very sensual feel. I may never use watercolor on the watercolor paper, or I may go back in later.

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